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WiFi light switch for controling lights over the internet

Wi-Fi Wall Light Switches (No Neutral Wire)

Wi-Fi Light Switches

With a stunning glass front finish our wi-fi smart light switches, that have been designed for the UK market with No neutral wire needed, are perfect for controlling lights where you can’t have a wi-fi smart bulb, or you want full control of your lights at your business premises. From one gang to three gang you can individually control each switch via the smart app over the internet and you can connect the wifi smart light switch to Alexa or Google Assistant. Manufactured to U.K standards and with a 'Timer' function where you can set the time when your lights will come on and go off. This can be set from anywhere in the world over an internet connection.

With a simple one key configuration, you can set the switches up in seconds and with them using the latest technology your own Wi-Fi for the external connection they are as secure as your Wi-Fi password.

Why come home to a dark house? Schedule your stuff however you'd like: Set the porch light to turn on before you get home. Set ceiling fans to come if the outside temperature hits 80. Sync on and off times to sunrise and sunset, and more.

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Smart Wifi Home is the provider of smart devices which works on the Internet of things technology to automate, monitor in-home systems and for security purpose also. It is also known for Sefl-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. Wifi Smart Home technology allows users to control and monitor their connected home devices from Smart applications, smartphones, or other technical or networked devices. These smart devices are easy to operate from anywhere, whether users are at home or away from home. This allows for more efficient energy and electric use as well as ensuring your home is safe and secure. This technology is also beneficial for older people especially with special needs for their health and well-being enhancement by accommodating people. Nowadays, Smart Technology is now being used to create Smart Cities. The concept of Smart City is similar to a Smart Home, where systems are monitored to more efficiently run the cities and save money.
In the modern era, the most common piece of Smart Home  Device in the United Kingdom was wireless speaker systems with 17 percent of people having one or more. Smart thermostats were the second most preferable piece of Smart Home Technology with 11 percent of people using this device. Most of the consumers report that pulled data from the National Association of home builders looked for what Smart Home Devices, homeowners wanted most and found that top five were wireless security systems 50 percent, programmable thermostats 47 percent, security cameras 40 percent, lighting control systems and wireless home audio systems 39 percent, and home theater and multi-zone HVAC systems 37 percent.

We provide a wide range of  Smart Wi-Fi Lighting, Smart Wi-Fi Light Switches, Smart Wi-Fi Plug SocketsSmart Wi-Fi Door BellsSmart Wi-Fi Cameras, Smart Speakers, Smart Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Smart Heating and Wi-Fi Smart Security.

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